Monday, June 6, 2011


It's kind of embarrassing but I'm a gamer. And not a cool one.

First I was addicted to iSketch which is like Pictionary and really fun if you have a drawing tablet and pen. Sometimes played with my kids so that people would just think I was an indulgent mother trying to increase their artistic abilities.

Then I played Lexulous, an online multiplayer version of Scrabble. I played so much I learned all those crazy words that when you play with your friends in real life, they think you are a cheater, a nerd or both.

Now? Now I can't get enough of Rummikub. We got the board game from my sister and brother in law as a gift for the kids this past Christmas, but I'm so obsessive that I would play fifty games a day. That is unlikely to happen as pretty much everyone else in the house has a life. Instead, I play with randoms from around the world. And if I'm lucky, Joe and I will cuddle up in bed, each with our own laptops and play a few games against each other before bed.

I don't want anyone to think I'm a complete loser. I do have other interests. Like Survivor. Oh wait, what? That's another game? Why so it is! I've been spending days trying to figure out how we could play it at Station Creek in the summer when we go camping. Who would play? What would the challenges be? The rewards? Who would host it? What would the prize be? There must be a way to do it over a few weeks. Any ideas?

I know the game is played in the US every year. Australia had a couple seasons but sadly it never caught on here. It also is still going in several other countries, but you have to be a citizen of them. Of course Canada doesn't have it either, so I'm twice out of luck! I can only hope that Australia suddenly embraces Survivor fever as much as I have. In the mean time, I'm going all Bear Grylls and practising making fire with my cool flint lighter. I'm looking for bamboo (have you got any?) to make a rustic shelter, get my fishing skills up and then I'm gonna go eat rice from a coconut shell.

But not until I finish my next game of Rummikub.

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