Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fashion Week - Monday Day 2

Like any good holiday, the first full day of mine began at about 12.30 in the arvo after a great sleep in on a comfy bed without any little feet (or big feet) kicking me in the back and stealing my blankets.

I headed up Bourke St. to Oxford and straight down to the Sushi Train which is located in the same strip mall where you can buy my fave chilli corn nuts! I grabbed a magazine and sat down to feast. I had seared salmon, ebi fry and eel. I eyed up a few others like the takoyaki and agedashi tofu but for some reason I was full after three plates. It must have been the excitement of seeing more than one car on the road and those weird tri colour light things they had all over the place. Must be some Christmas decorations they forgot to take down. Not to worry, I knew I still had plenty of sushi eating days ahead of me.

My next stop was some glamour shopping at Big Bargain Clearance, which is a crappy looking little discount shop at the bottom of Oxford St. It is not glamorous and nothing in the shop is over twenty bucks. Most items are selling for ten bucks. I love it cos my pocket book and lifestyle force me to be a quantity vs. quality girl when it comes to most material things in my life. I don't have the energy or ability to really look after anything expensive, I live in a village of two hundred people most of whom are well past the age of retirement and I only get to dress up for Red Carpet Events that Joe invites me to. Besides, now I have lots of pretty things that I can eventually give to my lucky nieces in Canada or bequeath to the possible girl children or baby drag queens my two boys might have in the future. I'll get buried in the few bits of really good stuff!

Anyway, I bought a massive bag of frothy, shiny items and felt totally satisfied for a mere sixty bucks. Mind you by the end of the week, my habit had probably cost me about two hundred bucks and I had to get a new carry case to bring all my new frocks home!

I was supposed to have lunch with a friend but she canceled earlier in the day which kind of sucked. City girls are busy girls and all of mine were either working or laid up in bed due to illnesses. Finally I was able to hook up with Suzi who was getting off work late and was happy to meet me for the first Fashion Show I was able to go to.

(photo from another visit)

I love going out with Suzi cos Suzi always makes me laugh. Well, actually I make jokes about her all the time and she laughs at them for some reason. Maybe she's a masochist. Also, I love going out with Suzi cos at five foot four I tower over her. Even in heels Suzi would be lucky to reach my belly button, so she makes me feel really lithe and leggy. Plus she's always complaining about her fat arse, her crap job and her lack of boyfriend which makes me feel good about...well, I DO have a husband!

While I was getting ready, leggy blonde Heidi, with her new car, fab clothes and great job promotion, rang up. Thank god she's not married or I would not have answered. Heids was heading home for work and was keen to catch up for a few drinks, which suited my timeline perfectly! She met me at Pete's place and we headed down to the East Village Hotel, which was now my new local. It took us much longer than the night before because I had ventured out in high heels and I was well out of practise from my Toronto days or even my Byron Bay days. Since moving to Red Rock, I've been wearing thongs/flip flops for almost every day of the 3.6.5 that a year includes. Except when I dress up and then I slide into a pair of dress thongs which basically means they are clean or new or maybe bedazzled. I did have a couple pairs of high heeled thongs a few years ago which I thought were the perfect answer but were ridiculed by my Gaynadians.

(photo from the Big Day Out)

Anyway, my black hair was coiffed into a 1950's Liz Taylor style and my dress was a babydoll with a lot of boob action and my jacket was leopard print so I felt quite dolled up for someone from a town of 300 people. Unfortunately, most of the 3 million people in Sydney thought I looked like an aging drag queen.

Heidi and I had sipped on our wines and gossiped until it was time to head off. I explained to Heidi that was really appreciative of the lift cos I had been planning to take the train back to the airport to the Overseas Passenger Terminal where the fashion show was being held. Heidi started laughing at me like I told the best joke in the world and only stopped when she saw my blank look.

Apparently the Overseas Passenger Terminal is not the same as the International Departure Lounge, the latter being at Mascot in the outskirts of Sydney and the former is at Sydney Harbour across from the Opera House. Who's to know?!?

Heidi flashed her media pass and drove me right up to the door of the OPT, where I further embarassed myself by telling Bec I was right out the front of Wildflower. Soon Bec was rushing Suzi and I into the venue to watch one of her favorite designers, Gail Soronda.

We had to race in because the show was minutes from starting. The room was all dark except for a shiny white runway cutting through the middle of the room. The risers on both sides of the runway were packed with well dressed fashionistas, the luckiest of whom sat in the first two rows where each seat had a much coveted goody bag full of something it seemed everyone wanted.

At one end was the photographers pit, which was amazing because when a dress came out that would make a good image in a mag the combined clicks of the cameras sounded like thousands of birds taking flight. It was beautiful and possibly addictive. I found it incredibly soothing and you see what celebs like Lindsay, Paris and Britney are willing to do to get some! Unlike at the Arias, none of the cameras were pointed my way, possibly cos I wasn't there with my girl band. Next time.

We tried to do some who's who spotting but I guess there aren't that many famous actresses or singers in Australia at the moment. I did spot Kate Waterhouse, who I had met years ago in the VIP section of the Big Day Out. After the show I said hi to her and she pretended to remember me even though it was obvious she didn't, even though I was there when she and her football playing boyfriend Luke Ricketson were smuggled her backstage to watch silverchair. Anyway, as insincere as she was, she had on a great frock and amazing shoes. She probably took one look at me and thought that my cheap fabric might be catching and just wanted to step away from the possibly contagious poverty.

After the show Suzi and I went for a few drinks at a bar near the OPT because the free bar at the show was already shut, dabnagit! Because we are as povo as we are, we could only afford two before walking up the street in our stupid shoes, which is now what I'm going to call high heels even if it makes me sound like a bloke.

We had delicious late night meal and stopped by the bottle-o to get something nice to share at home. Suzi couldn't have a really late night cos she had to work in the morning so somewhere not long after midnight she decided to head home. Too cheap to pay the two dollar booking fee, she decided to go wait up at the corner of Bourke and Liverpool to catch a cab. I warned her that there was plenty of hookers on the street and she might get mistaken for one. She didn't believe me until the same drive did his third blockie and was calling out the window to talk to her. She rang me on her mobile even though I could see her cos I was sitting on the steps of Pete's Palace to make sure she was okay, although I was distracted by the cops in the other direction that were taking apart a car.

Suzi was decided to it was safer to trot down to me instead of making enough money to get cab fare, silly girl. She so was outraged at the insult of being mistaken for a lady of the night, I didn't have the heart to tell her that not only did the john think she was a whore, he also thought she had a penis as all the prostitutes in the area were trannies.

The cops were now leaving the areas so I flagged them down and asked he he would give Suzi a lift up to Oxford Street where she might have an easier and safer time getting a cab. She jumped in the back only to call me five minutes later full of gleeful excitement. I wasn't sure if it was cos the cop was a hottie or it was cos she was saving money getting home. Perhaps it was a combo.

Feeling great that if my friend was going to get laid that night it was going to be by a sexy policeman who knew she was a woman, rather than some creepy dude cruising for a cock in a frock.

I went back into Pete's and ate corn chips and read magazines till the restavit kicked in. Ready for day 3!

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