Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mary Magdalene has a Blog, Just Like Me!

And her boyfriend's name is Jesus!

My son True came across this blog by A.J. Miller, also known as Jesus. You can check out what Jesus has to say here. Apparently Jesus grew up here in Coffs! And he has a girlfriend who coincidentally is the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. And she has a nose piercing!

Mary has now moved on from washing feet and spends her days blogging and having internet catfights with other women over who is the real Mary M. Jesus appears to do seminars and can upload stuff on the net. And he's got paypal.

Neither Mary nor Jesus have any sources of income besides donations from their followers. And they are still alive! WTF?!? So you can donate money to them via paypal care of Jesus and Mary, but if you are doing a personal cheque it has to be made out to Alan John Miller, cos it simplifies his accounting! So even if he's really Jesus who can walk on water, turn water into wine, heal the sick and come back to live even after being crucified, well he still can't sort out his accounting under the name Jesus. And it goes to a bank in Queensland. Jesus lives in Queensland, Australia?!?

You can also donate to two volunteers, Lena and Igor, who are from Russian and the Ukraine, but now live here with Jesus and Mary. They aren't apparently Jesus or Mary or any of the followers reincarnated, but lucky them, you can still donate your hard earned cash to them. Maybe it goes to Igor's hairdresser to maintain his dreadlocks.

If all it takes is a blog and asking people, well I'm going to do it. Feel free to make any donations payable to me. Email me for details of where to deposit money or how to sign your house over to me.

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