Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Week - Saturday Day 7

I had the only crap sleep of my night Friday night and not just because I was woken up a couple times by Pete stumbling around the house in search of food, conversation and his bed. I knew I had bought quite a bit of stuff and was worried about how to get it all home. I have reoccurring dreams of being having an endless stash of pretty things and unable to get them to where I am going and being forced to leave them behind. They are very stressful dreams, so don't laugh. I think it comes from spending so many years living out of a backpack while traveling the world.

I got up early and headed out to Oxford Street to get myself a big stripey bag from Oxford Variety. Man I love that shop. Can someone please get me a pair of knee high fluro orange socks from there to go with the full on false eyelashes I bought? I think I could live in that place.

I had a quick visit from Suzi, who was still house hunting. On Tuesday I had checked one for her around the corner from Pete's but she was still looking for a place that was just what she wanted. For all I know she's still doing that, so if you have any leads on an affordable but funky pad somewhere in the city that would be just right for a tiny Australian Indian girl, please let me know!

Pete was at a course and unable to give me a lift to the airport so after Suzi left I decided I better make a move. I had heaps of crap and I wasn't sure how I was going to go getting from A to B with all my crap.

I didn't know a cab number so I thought I would walk up the street until I could hail one. Well, didn't I pick the wrong street? I hit the corner of Liverpool and Oxford without a cab passing me so I ducked in a shop that offered airport shuttles. I'd missed the last one by minutes so would have had to wait another half hour.

Bugger it, I thought, I'll just go down the street a block and take the train! I had my suitcase, my purse, my laptop and a big arse stripey bag full of clothes and so I felt like a sherpa disguised as Liza Minelli. I threw everything on my back and dragged the suitcase behind me. I bumped all the way down two flights of stairs at Musuem only to find the train was not running that day due to maintenance. I was so frustrated and tired and sweaty and I couldn't bear the thought of climbing back up those goddamn stairs so I followed the instructions of the ticket lady.

"Just take the train to Central Station and catch the bus. It only costs $3.20 and will get you there in about the same time."

Well I don't know what drugs she was inhaling but she was effing wrong. I had to walk down two more flights of stairs, take the train to Central Station then go up sets of stairs, then down sets of stairs, then up sets of stairs, then down, then walk down this hall, then up stairs down another hall... I don't think Tenzig Norgay worked as hard as me humping shit up and down Everest!

Finally I got on the bus and just fell into a reverie. I couldn't wait to offload some of my luggage and relax. After checking in my luggage, I got myself some Subway, some hot chips from Maccas, a magazine and a newspaper and made myself comfortable in the departure lounge. The flight was on time and before too long we were descending into Coffs Harbour.

Joe and the boys drove up just as I exited the airport so I threw my bags in the boot and we started to drive off. It was so great to see my boys and Joe and I was keen to hear what they had done the past week without me. I was wondering if they had gotten on, eaten well, and even grown up.

Apparently all three. They had now graduated to drinking beer in the backseat of the car!

I might have to stay home for a while!

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