Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lemon Salsa Picante Goodness!

I'm not sure about other people, but if I'm doing mindless munching I have to be crunching. Not to say I haven't enjoyed a bowl of cheap chocolate ice cream sprinkled with dutch cinnamon, but my fave nibblies are savory, salty, spicy and CRUNCHY! Give me popcorn, give me chips, give me nachos - I'll eat em all!

But my fave fave fave since I first ate them when I was eighteen and a freshie in Toronto is the Corn Nut. And the best corn nut in the world is the Chilli Corn Nut. Corn nuts were a rarity when I first moved to Australia but then about ten years ago they started popping up. Most of them were brittle versions that I suspect were deep fried or something cos they just weren't right. Yes I'm that picky.

Every now and then I find the RIGHT version. Not BBQ, not plain, not Cheddar Cheese, but Chilli...mmm. A slight tang of lemon, a little hit of chilli... suck suck suck, crunch crunch crunch. I even found some in a fruit and veggie shop on Orlando Street in Coffs Harbour and bought them regularly until they (gasp) replaced them with a crap brand. Now I boycott the shop altogether.

The latest bag of perfection comes to me via Surry Hills. Someone out there must know the IGA located in that mall at the bottom of Oxford Street. When you go in, parallel to the entry is an aisle with all the nuts and dried fruit. Go get the EGE Fine Foods Toasted Corn Chilli Nuts. Then get another bag. And another. You will be addicted.

Then go get them in bulk and send me half. I will pay for delivery.

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