Thursday, April 28, 2011

Job Hunting

So today, between episodes of Survivor China (yes, I'm hooked and if I was American, I would apply to go on the show), I updated my resume. Well, not really updated it. I actually made one that was traditional and formal and didn't refer to my giving birth or marrying a rockstar.

Then, still from the comfort of my own home, I sent out a dozen CVs in the hopes of scoring some work. Most jobs were for online websites looking for content, so hopefully some of them will be happy to have my work submitted via the interwebs, rather than me having to move to Sydney or something drastic.

I'm actually pretty hopeless at the traditional job hunting thing. Almost every job I've ever gotten is because I knew someone or sent in some crazy version of an application or resume. I don't think I've ever scored work through a chronological list of my achievements and my education and jobs. Hell, if I listed every job I've ever had, you'd need more than a page or two, even if I didn't list my duties!

So I'm hoping that kind of luck will still stick with me as I accidentally sent my "less traditional" resume (which can be read in an early blog posting) to at least three future employers. I had two versions of CV saved and still feeling a bit lightheaded from the monster migraine I suffered a few days ago, I attached the more lighthearted version of my life. I'm hoping that the people that get it, will actually get it and see what a witty yet hard working writer I am. That resume probably speaks more about me and tells more about my highs and lows than any other version I've written in my life.

Do people prefer the polished and shined version of a potential employee's life or do they like a resume that gives them a real sense of what that person is really like and what they've done? Both CV's are the truth, they just tell portions of the story from different angles.

I'm interested to see the feedback, that's for sure.


  1. I'm sure it totally depends on the employer and what type of job you are applying for. For example the job of church councilor would be more likely to be successful with the traditional one, while for that of a Howard Stern assistant you'd probably want to send the other one.

  2. me applying for job of church councilor. hmmm.