Friday, April 22, 2011

Mushroom Man

This painting is part of a series that I did just before I moved to Australia. I consider it a self portrait cos it basically is how I felt at the time that I did the original sketch.

The original sketch was done when I was about nineteen,  living in a warehouse in Toronto and working in a nightclub. I used to wear army boots, cut off overalls, lacy bras and a leather jacket. My hair was platinum blonde in a long bob with a short fringe. I was never without red lipstick. I felt like I was finally in a group of kindred bohemian spirits and was free in a way that I had never been going to high school.

I was loving going to clubs, dancing, sketching and meeting all sorts of wonderful new people. I felt like I was part of a real SCENE. It was a magical time although it didn't really last long.

I eventually went back to Manitoba cos my grandmother was really sick. When she passed away, I moved to Vancouver, then Japan, holidayed in Thailand and went to Europe. I worked in Europe doing portraits, then when the season was done I went back to Manitoba to work for the winter. I then moved to Mexico, then back to Paris for another season doing portraits and then back to Canada. I ended up in Toronto for a few years and then decided to move to Australia.

Before I left I stayed at Mum and Dad's on the farm. They have a massive studio that is the perfect place to create. I had about fifteen or so sketches that I really loved and I decided to put them on a canvass. I had done some paintings before while I was in Mexico, but Dad gave me these round canvasses which felt really natural cos Dad always painted on rounds while I was growing up.

I think I cranked out all the paintings in less than two weeks and finished the last one just before we left. I was definitely riding high on the top of a creative wave and the energy coming out of the brushes was awesome!

So my little mushroom man was all about the joy I felt when I was nineteen and was enjoying again at twenty five, ready to start a new adventure down under! The painting has actually come to Australia now and is at my home. I have a few others from that series, but I know a few were sold, a few were gifted and I'm not sure about the rest.

I think the sketches are still in the studio so I'll see if I can get Mum or Dad to scan them for me and I'll post them too!

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