Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I've told you about my kids births and today I'm celebrating mine, along with probably ninety percent of the planet. I've been told it's a national holiday in several European nations. Blush!

I asked my mum about my birth on several occasions for several reasons. Dad wasn't there so he's not much help although he did tell me that I was conceived in a tent in Saskatchewan at the time man was on the moon.

Mum said she doesn't remember if it was day or night because apparently there were no windows. WTF?!? Was there no clocks either? No one owned a watch? I think the real reason was that mum was so ripped on gas that she doesn't even remember giving birth. I was out crying and tap dancing doing my best jazz hands and there's mum fighting the nurse for another huff of the puff, insisting that there was another baby on the way. Well there was, but that was eleven months later and another story altogether!

I was the beautiful first granddaughter on both sides, the gorgeous much desired darling daughter and the sweet coveted little sister for the whole family to enjoy. Mornings were now filled with my squeals of pleasure at the breaking of a new day, the house scented with the intoxicating perfume of newborn joy, and i was drinking lustily from the bottle, something I still enjoy doing....

I could go on and on about my other qualities but I'll leave that for everyone else to do in the comments. I'm going to go try out the big rod my darling Joe gave me this morning for my birthday present!

If you need some inspiration I'll include some amazing clips that Joe made of my life....

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