Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family fitness

About a year ago (or was it longer? maybe two years ago?) I joined the gym for three months. The first few days were so hard, especially when I had to walk down our front stairs and my body almost collapsed and sent me stumbling down onto the grass. Gradually, after about three weeks, not only did I notice that I felt no pain and I was enjoying going, but I was also looking heaps better! I never weighed myself, so I don't know if it was just losing a few pounds, but I just felt trimmer and stronger and fitter.

Anyway, my Mother's Day three month trial expired and I thought I could keep it up at home as I had been going for an hour and a half a day, five days a week. I thought I knew the routines inside and out and also had the discipline to keep going. I got Joe involved. We worked out hard core for about three days and then Joe twisted an ankle and I hurt my foot and we basically never did it again. Lol.

In the meantime, True has become more interested in getting fit. He enjoys a lot of gaming and I enjoy a lot of computer time and we both enjoy eating well, so I agreed that some sort of routine would be good for us. We got bikes. We go to the beach and swim. He boogie boards, I read books at the beach. But we needed more. We needed someone to make us do it.

The trip every day to Woopi would be hard to organise between school and the fact that Reve is too young to go, so we scratched that idea. Instead we got a Kinect "game" - The Biggest Loser Fitness Program. Joe and I used to enjoy watching The Biggest Loser, usually while we were pigging out on popcorn and chocolate, so I thought True and I could give it a go.

We did it last night and we were in a sweat after twenty minutes. We did a program that was Challenge level but I think it was just right for us. I've done heaps of the exercises before so it was pretty easy for me to follow. True needed a bit of help from me to get what the dude was saying, but he was really into it. And surprisingly, the first thing he said today was that he wanted to give it another go. 

So we've just finished another twenty minute work out, we're hot and sweaty and we are heading to the beach. I'll try and take some before and after pics of us as we go and put them up at some point this week. I'm just really excited to see how we go and I'm stoked that True is going to be my partner in getting back to a great level of health and fitness!

Oh yeah, and Reve sometimes bops along beside us. Or just plays with lego. lol.

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